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United Way Toronto

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A young student being tutored

Ensuring a brighter future for our youth

Our young people are vital to our collective future. In 2003, we set out with a vision to improve the lives of youth across our region. Since then, we have invested in a variety of programs and initiatives, all unified in a common goal: to create a community that not only values our youth but tackles the root causes that keep too many young people from building a good life.

We've made significant progress. We've connected youth to education, employment and engagement opportunities.

But we know our work isn't done.

Our young people face an uncertain future. High-school graduation rates are on the rise, yet youth unemployment remains shockingly high. The labour market is changing rapidly and young people are struggling to find the right credentials, networks and skills in order to compete for meaningful career opportunities.

So the challenge ahead of us is clear.

We are making the economic security of our young people--particularly those who face so many barriers to their success--a priority. Our new Youth Success Strategy builds on our strengths and expertise, and bring the right partners to the table, to help connect these youth to jobs with a future. The Strategy includes three important initiatives:


Career Navigator

Youth Success Strategy Development Grants