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Annual Keeping Good Company 2016

Meet our 2016 Keeping Good Company leading corporate citizens. They are the vital engine behind United Way’s work that is helping change lives for tens of thousands of people and families in the places we all call home. In 2015, each of these organizations raised a remarkable $500,000 or more through corporate donations and personal gifts in support of United Way in the Greater Toronto Area. Their employees also showcased exceptional leadership and extensive volunteerism across our region.

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  • TD Investing in change
  • Brookfield: A community asset
  • IBM Innovation that works
  • EY A focus on the future


TD Bank Group


TD’s change agents (left to right): Valérie Picher, Norie Campbell, Bhavin Lad

For TD, “being the better bank” means investing in its people and the communities where they live, work and raise their families. It’s about delivering on a promise of long-term value, for customers and for communities. And it’s a commitment to ensuring that every individual and family has opportunities to reach their full potential—regardless of the challenges they face. Why our partnership works: “United Way is like a portfolio manager for the community. They use their expertise and relationships with government, community and other partners and make strategic, research-driven investments that change lives,” says Norie Campbell, Group Head & General Counsel, TD Bank Group and the 2015/2016 TD United Way Campaign Co-Chair. Proudest moment on the United Way campaign trail: “I’m really proud of the engagement of our employees. I saw unwavering support not only from our senior leadership team, but from thousands of TD employees, across the country, who believe in coming together every year to make their communities better through United Way,” says Valérie Picher, TD Bank Group’s Senior Manager of Community Relations.



A few of Brookfield’s considerable assets (left to right): Trevor Carson, Mabel Wong, Kelly Marshall, Jaspreet Dehl, Herb Mah, Melissa Low

Brookfield understands the importance of building a foundation for the future. As a global leader in asset management—focused on real estate and infrastructure investments— this longtime United Way supporter knows firsthand that investments in communities pay dividends for everyone. Why our partnership works: “United Way knows exactly where the resources should go, where the need is and how to make the best impact with my dollar,” says Mabel Wong, Vice President, Finance, Brookfield Asset Management. Proudest moment on the United Way campaign trail: “A trip to United Way-supported agency College Montrose Children’s Place was a real highlight for me,” says Herb Mah, Vice President, Development, Brookfield Properties. “I’m the father of two young kids and I know how important it is for children to get a strong start.”



Innovation in motion at IBM (left to right): Carey Drader, Anne McIntyre, Michelle Agard

IBM is a trailblazer and leader when it comes to innovation. This technology giant is also committed to partnering with “thinkers and doers,” including United Way, to solve real-world business and societal problems. Why our partnership works: “Partnering with United Way provides a tremendous opportunity to come together and network with other leaders in the community around a common interest in solving societal issues, including poverty. United Way is a great facilitator and catalyst for local change,” says Carey Drader, VP, Sales, Financial Services Sector and a longtime United Way supporter. Proudest moment on the United Way campaign trail: “My first visit to United Way’s Rexdale Community Hub was pretty special,” says Anne McIntyre, Program Manager for IBM’s national employee charitable fund and a longtime United Way volunteer. “The Hub offers ‘one-stop shopping’ for social services to its clients. It’s amazing, when you visit these priority neighbourhoods you can really feel the difference that your support has made.”



Leaving a legacy at EY (left to right): Eric Rawlinson, Doris Stamml, Michael Gordaneer

At EY, a global leader in professional and advisory services, a commitment to its people, clients and the future of its communities is woven into the organizational DNA. It’s about investing in innovative, sustainable approaches that help create opportunities for businesses and people to thrive. Why our partnership works: “United Way offers tremendous effectiveness in getting the funds and volunteer hours to the right causes to have maximum local impact,” says Eric Rawlinson, Managing Partner, Greater Toronto Area and United Way Campaign Cabinet member. Proudest moment on the United Way campaign trail: “I still remember meeting a 17-year-old single mother from Jessie’s — The June Callwood Centre for Young Women, who came to talk to us about the challenges of being a parent living in poverty,” says Doris Stamml, Chief Legal Counsel at EY. “Her words stuck with me. I have become a lifelong supporter of the United Way because of the work we’re doing together to help create possibilities for people young and old.”