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A group of employees from different agencies wearing agency t-shirts wave noisemakers at the Rat Race event

Supporting the change we want to see

Working closely with our community agencies and our partners—from government to business to labour—we are able to identify and address major social issues affecting our region. Our in-depth research allows us to target areas that are most in need; from here, we fund a network of agencies (based on rigorous, ongoing review) to effect positive change in neighbourhoods across the GTA. Collectively, our goal is simple: to provide measurable, sustainable ways of encouraging the success of our young people, moving people from poverty to possibility, and creating a robust community-services sector overall.

Agencies and Programs

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See our interactive map, which shows our funded agencies, projects and initiatives across the region.

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Through groundbreaking research, we can identify and better understand the issues that impact life in our communities.

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