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Amahley Mayor: JobStart

Amahley came to Canada in search of a better life. She worked as a teacher in the Philippines and hoped to do the same in Toronto. But after years of applying for jobs— without a single response—she started to lose confidence. JobStart helped turn things around and supported Amahley to find the job of her dreams.

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  • Amahley Mayor came to Toronto from the Philippines excited about starting a new life in Canada. With years of teaching experience and her foreign qualifications transferred, she expected to return to the classroom before too long.
  • Amahley managed to find work but not in teaching. And after being laid-off, she found herself unemployed. Amahley struggled to understand why — despite applying for dozens of teaching jobs — she hadn’t heard back from a single employer.
  • Unsure what to do next, Amahley turned to JobStart. Here she met a Job Coach who encouraged her to enroll in JobStart’s two-week job search workshop. 
  • “At JobStart, our programs help people recharge. We help them to see themselves and their life in Canada in a different light.”
  • Over the next couple of weeks, Amahley learned that Canadian employers are looking for more than just qualifications — they also want soft skills, like communication. She also learned about the value of networking. 
  • Within weeks of completing the workshop, she had the confidence and skills to land her dream job teaching in a local elementary school. And thanks to JobStart, Amahley is once again excited about her future in Canada.   
  • “I love what I do now. JobStart changed my life.”