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It’s easy to give

Every year, generous donors join our efforts in changing lives right in our local community. Because the reasons for giving to United Way are simple: we’re an organization that, based on trusted research and caring community partnerships, is uniquely positioned to tackle the social issues facing our region. Whether you’re giving a gift directly, giving a gift in honour or giving a gift in-kind, you’ll see the positive change that you’re helping to make possible.

Your gift matters

See how your gift can make a lasting difference to people in our community:

Our commitment to you

At only 14.8%, our fundraising and administration costs are well below the CRA-recommended 35%.

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Parker at YouthLink

A mind at peace

Thanks to you, YouthLink's Walk-In Counselling program became the difference between life and death for Parker McDowell, who struggled with depression and suicidal feelings throughout his teen years.

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