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Leaders wanted

As someone who cares about our community, you want it safe, vibrant and full of opportunity. We feel just as strongly. We know the issues that need confronting and we have the expertise to tackle them. But, to create long-lasting change, we need our most powerful asset: you. Fuelled by your generosity, our Leadership Giving program forms the bedrock for our ongoing work. And every gift goes on to change the lives of thousands of people in our community, making it that much stronger. Want an easy, straightforward way to make a meaningful difference? It’s as easy as saying yes.

Choose your desired level of Leadership Giving, each with its own benefits to you and your community.Chart of Leadership Program Benefits

*Note: To receive the indicated benefits, a minimum gift of $1,200 (for Bronze), $2,500 (for Silver) or $5,000 (for Gold) to United Way Toronto & York Region is required.