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2016 Campaign Videos

United Way donors like you fuel the work we make possible every single day. But, have you ever wondered just how life-changing your gift is? Here’s a glimpse of the lives you’ve changed.

This is what your donation looks like.

Ever wonder just how life-changing your gift is? This video features three incredible stories of people who faced barriers—and overcame them—all thanks to you. 

Download Campaign Video


Rita felt isolated after losing her husband. A United Way seniors program was the lifeline she needed to get back to being social.

Download Rita's Video


Distant struggled with drugs and alcohol. United Way helped him deal with his addiction—and reconnect with his culture. 

Download Distant's Video


At 19, Maimoona was homeless. She left home after being abused. United Way helped her find a home—and a more promising future.

Download Maimoona's Video

Kerryn wants the best for her kids, but giving them everything is tough. A United Way agency is helping her whole family thrive.

Download Kerryn & Clarke's Video

Too many young people in our community are struggling to succeed. United Way is working to change that by connecting them with the opportunities they need to thrive.

Download Youth Video