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Best-in-class programs supported by Women’s Leadership Council this year

York Region Centre for Community Safety

In 2012, United Way provided its community agency Sandgate Women’s Shelter of York Region Inc. with special funding to conduct a study that confirmed the need for coordinated programs in York Region targeted at victims and survivors of domestic violence. Backed by Sandgate’s findings, the York Region Centre for Community Safety (YRCCS) was created—a one-stop hub that offers comprehensive services and programming all under one roof.

YRCCS works with other community agencies to help individuals access personalized, comprehensive supports when they need them most. By working collaboratively and in one location, these agencies are able to ensure that the right services are in place and delivered in a timely, effective manner. It’s thanks to Women’s Leadership Council’s generosity that YRCCS is able to continue acting as a critical safe haven for victims and survivors of domestic violence living in rural and remote areas of York Region.
Current funding: $30,000
Years funded: 2014–2016

360kids HOPE Program

The 360kids Hope program provides safe, stable accommodation for young women impacted by human trafficking. Here, they receive shelter and access to a wide variety of supports to help them regain control of their lives as they transition to independent living.

Helping these young women regain control as they transition to independent living, 360kids Hope Program provides them with accommodation for up to one year. Along with a stable living situation, young women are able to connect with a wide variety of wraparound supports that allow them to maintain their dignity as they get on the path to recovery.

The program is part of the Supportive Transitional Apartments for Youth (S.T.A.Y.) program, which launched in 2015. S.T.A.Y. was created in response to emerging community need. Programming is strengthened through partnerships with York Regional Police, Victim Services of York and York Region Children’s Aid Society.
Current funding: $30,000
Years funded: 2015-2016